1. If your business has recently employed an individual who is performing below expectations, what are your options? Can you dismiss them without following the typical disciplinary process? Are there risks associated with doing so? Here, we examine the legal implications of dismissing an employee within 24 months of joining the business. Dismissing an Employee | […]

  2. With the festive party season upon us, we review the 5 key HR challenges facing businesses and provide practical advice to help you have trouble-free company Christmas parties. Are you concerned about staff behaviour at your Christmas party? Get in touch with our expert Employment Law team today for HR Advice. Our Top 5 Tips […]

  3. An employer should be aware that there are certain circumstances where a dismissal could be an automatically unfair dismissal, this is regardless of whether the employee has completed the normal qualifying period (2 years) for an ordinary unfair dismissal claim. Below is not an exhaustive list, but covers the most common circumstances where an employee […]

  4. A common question that we find when providing advice on disciplinary procedures, is why organisations have to undertake so many processes to achieve the end result? The simple answer is that there is a legal obligation and expectation on businesses to ensure that they are following a fair procedure, and for the most part that […]