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  1. Up to the end of July the official position across the UK has been that all employees should be homeworking if they can as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19. From August 1st the Government position is to “give employers more discretion on how they ensure employees can work safely. Working from home […]

  2. This short article is written against the background of the me too movement and black lives matter. It’s aim is to give pause for thought, as we ask ourselves whether it’s possible that we may have at one time or another demonstrated unconscious bias. Jennifer Eberhardt is a Professor, in the Department of Psychology at […]

  3. With an increasing number of businesses becoming operational again and with an end to the furlough scheme in sight in the not very distant future, the issue of covid and sick pay, sickness absence, sickness-related absence and entitlement to SSP will be at the forefront for many employers. Covid and Sick Pay | What is […]

  4. The recruitment process is usually the first contact someone will have with your company so always treat potential candidates respectfully to ensure their experience of your business is a positive one, even if they are not successful getting a job with you. They may pass on their good experience to someone who may be your […]

  5. If you fail to spot and act upon whistleblowing (otherwise known as making a protected disclosure), the damage to your business can be immense. What can start off as a seemingly straightforward complaint can be used by the cynical employee (or worker, both are covered by the protecting legislation) or their legal advisor to fashion […]

  6. With the festive party season upon us, we review the 5 key HR challenges facing businesses and provide practical advice to help you have trouble-free company Christmas parties. Are you concerned about staff behaviour at your Christmas party? Get in touch with our expert Employment Law team today for HR Advice. Our Top 5 Tips […]

  7. Confused about the effect of a no deal Brexit on GDPR and your business? Read our essential guide for SME’s to let you know what you need to be thinking about now, in preparation for a potential no deal Brexit. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) were introduced by EU law but have been incorporated […]

  8. The Employment Rights Act 1996 provides protection to workers who have made a protected disclosure . A dismissal will be automatically unfair if the reason, or principle reason, for the dismissal is that the individual has made a protected disclosure. In addition, workers are protected from being subjected to a detriment on the grounds that […]