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HR & Employment Law

Employment Law Consultants Providing Outsourced HR & Legal Support For Businesses

HR and Employment Law can be extremely tricky to navigate through and cover a whole raft of areas including recruitment, employee contracts, annual leave, disciplinaries and dismissals, through to Redundancy, TUPE and everything in between. 

HR issues can soon snowball if they are not dealt with effectively and a lack of knowledge of employment law and the various pitfalls it can throw up could leave your business or organisation exposed if you don’t follow the correct processes and procedures.

Add to that some ever changing legislation and a lack of the right skills, knowledge, and understanding of HR and Employment Law within your business, and it could easily land you in hot water and worse, hit you hard in the pocket.

The Wirehouse Services

Why Outsource Your HR?

Having HR and Employment Law expertise within your business is essential but it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are a smaller organisation, paying a salary to someone full-time may not fit within your budgets which is why outsourcing is the best of both worlds. It provides you with the expertise and knowledge you need without having the same cost implications. You’ll have someone or a team of experts who you can call on when needed and will make sure you stay on the right side of Employment Law.

If you are a larger organisation, you may have someone in house and that certainly provides great benefits. However that one individual may not have the full scope of Employment Law knowledge and may not have the experience and expertise of handling something such as an Employment Tribunal or TUPE. If you outsource your HR and Employment Law to work alongside your inhouse team, they can provide that safety net to ensure you’ve got all angles covered.

Plus, with a business like Wirehouse, the advice is often indemnified, which provides an extra layer of protection and often covers awards and compensation payouts at an Employment Tribunal.

By outsourcing Health and Safety, you are tapping into expert advice and support that will keep you on the right side of the law, and more importantly protect you, your staff and visitors.

Why Wirehouse?

Wirehouse Employer Services are experts in Employment Law and HR. Our large team of experts support a variety of businesses from all sectors and of all sizes. We believe as a business in high quality customer service and providing a value for money product. We feel we’re positioned perfectly to support any business, large or small. We’re not too big that you don’t matter, however we’re large enough for you to take advantage of the benefits of scale.

Here’s how we work with you:

  • We’ll review or rewrite your employee contracts and handbooks to make sure your documents are up to date and compliant
  • We provide a 24/7 HR and Employment Law advice service either by phone, email, portal or video calls
  • You’ll receive a named and dedicated advice team to ensure you get consistency of advice, and a team that understand your business needs long term
  • We provide commercial advice where applicable, staying on the right side of Employment Law, to ensure you get the outcomes your business needs
  • We provide full support of any issues from cradle to grave to deliver consistency in the advice
  • You’ll have access to our online portal: Guardian, which gives you access to documentation, advice and e-learning
  • We’ll prepare for and represent you in an Employment Tribunal
  • We provide an Advice Guarantee so if you end up in an Employment Tribunal and you’ve followed our advice we’ll cover any awards or compensation
  • An expert team providing long term support to your business with experience dealing with similar businesses

What Our Customers Say

“I would not hesitate to recommend Wirehouse, who were invaluable to Tara Signs when we were trying to achieve our Safe Contractor accreditation. Their expertise helped us achieve both Safe Contractor and Chas accreditation and we could not have done it without their assistance. They are always helpful, even when it goes beyond their remit with us. You would be well served to have them as your Health and Safety Advisors.”

Who Are Wirehouse?

Wirehouse was formed by industry leaders who weren’t happy with the offerings from many of the employer service providers. We felt the focus of many in the marketplace was profit, as opposed to providing high quality advice and support.

Improving and protecting your business should not be held at arms reach by unfeasible costs. We believe that every business should have access to top quality advice, support, and training. That’s why we’ll always offer you a service that won’t be matched, with the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

When you’re with Wirehouse, you can expect to receive prompt, actionable advice, that is in keeping with your business objectives where possible. We won’t tie you up with auto-renewals and unrealistic termination periods – we want you to renew because you thought our service was high quality and excellent value.