Preparation is everything, without a solid understanding based on evidence and case law, many Tribunal cases will fail.

If Early Conciliation fails, it is likely that a formal Tribunal Claim will be presented.

It’s important to act fast when preparing a response to a claim, as there is a 28-day window in which to act. If a business can’t meet the deadline for whatever reason, an emergency application must be submitted to the tribunal to explain why they can’t meet that deadline and ask for an extension. If the response isn’t submitted, or an application not made, then the respondent won’t be allowed to present their evidence and defence to the tribunal. If we’re taking on a case late in the proceedings, we can help clients draft an emergency application and get an extension to the 28-day time limit.

Generally, however our clients react quickly when they receive a claim, which gives us the time to study the claim, talk to the client, review all the relevant documentation, and draft a comprehensive defence. Preparation is everything! Wirehouse take the view that we can’t properly represent you unless we have a strong relationship, which we can only get from visiting you face to face, to consult and review the case. Where other Solicitors or consultancies will discuss matters via email or phone, with various people, you’ll have one of our experts, from start to finish, face to face. We look after our clients and walk you through the process.

Why Outsource Tribunal Support?

  • Understanding the tribunal process can be legal minefield so it’s essential to make sure you have the right support from the outset
  • It’s incredibly time-consuming going through all the stages of a tribunal which will distract you from the day-to-day demands of running a business
  • Stress levels can go through the roof for all parties involved, which can result in you not getting the most positive, commercial outcome for your organisation

Why Wirehouse?

Where we differ from other Solicitors during the Tribunal representation process is that you’ll get to know our Tribunal Department team. We’ll come to meet you one-to-one, to fully understand the facts of the case and your side of the story.

To do this we need to sit down with you and go through everything, all the elements one by one. It takes time, but we’re not in the habit of overlooking any details, especially when it comes to getting you the right result. The proof is in the pudding, we have a 95%-win rate.

This is only one aspect of the preparation process. During this time, we will also contact the claimant to gather any relevant information, for example finding out if they are applying for other jobs. All the information also needs to be cross referenced with research and case law to lay the foundations for a solid case pack.

Call us today on 03333215005, Wirehouse can take over your Employment Tribunal case to help you get the best result for your business.

Who Are Wirehouse?

Your business should not be held at arms reach by unfeasible costs. We believe that every business should have access to top quality advice, support, and training. That’s why we’ll always offer you a service that won’t be matched, with the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

When you’re with Wirehouse, you can expect to receive prompt, actionable advice, that is in keeping with your business objectives where possible. We won’t tie you up with auto-renewals and unrealistic termination periods – we want you to renew because you thought our service was high quality and excellent value.