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What is a Health & Safety Audit?

A Health and Safety Audit is a review and inspection of your businesses Health and Safety compliance and is often performed by a third party. As part of the audit a consultant would visit your site or sites and review your documentation, policies, and management safety systems that you have in place. They would also assess the physicality of your site(s) to review any risks and highlight best practice for your sector.

Our audits & inspections are known for being meticulous. Employing us as a fresh pair of eyes not only offers expertise but advice and reassurance that you are ticking all the boxes possible within your workplace safety.

Below is a simple broken down overview of how we typically conduct a one off health & safety audit for a business or organisation:

Why You Should Have Regular Health and Safety Audits…

Consequences of Non-Compliance!

Health and safety legislation, unlike conventional English Law, assumes you are guilty until proven innocent. In other words, the burden of proof lies with the Defendant to prove his/her innocence.

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