Employment Law documentation, contracts and handbooks are an essential part of any business and more importantly a legal requirement and that can’t be neglected.


Employment law documentation is a massive part of maintaining business compliance. Maintaining a robust system of documentation between your staff and business is a legal requirement. Setting out the relationship and requirements between your staff and your business serves to protect you and also provide a solid foundation for efficiency.

An employment contract (sometimes referred to as a written statement of employment particulars) and employee handbook should detail your staff members working hours, pay, and main terms of employment.  It is also your opportunity as a business or organisation to set out your expectations of staff members.  There are ‘express terms’ such as pay and hours, ‘statutory terms’ that need to be included by law, and there are also ‘implied terms’ which are those that are obvious and don’t need to be written down such as stealing from your employer.

In line with the Good Work Plan 2020 legislation, as a business or organisation you need to provide employees with a contract on or before their first day of work. It’s also important to understand that you can’t just change someone’s contract of employment without a period of consultation otherwise you could end up in an Employment Tribunal.

Employment contracts are one facet of the larger system of employment law documentation that needs to be carefully managed and rolled out within your business.

Why Wirehouse?

It is a legal requirement to provide staff members with an employment contract and it’s easy enough to download a standard contract from the internet.

So why use a company to create your own bespoke documents?

Firstly standard online documents could very easily be out of date given legislation can change every six months, or worse still they may not even be compliant to UK law.  By using Wirehouse to create your documents you’ll have peace of mind that your employment contracts and handbook, will not only be compliant and up to date, but they will be reviewed regularly as legislation changes.

Secondly, a downloaded contract doesn’t offer you the chance to reflect your business ethos and the way you want to manage the staff within your business or organisation.  By creating bespoke documents, you can set out policies and procedures which both reflect your business needs and also the way you want to effectively manage your team.

Why Wirehouse?

Wirehouse Employer Services aim to work effectively with you to provide HR documentation which is fit for purpose and fit for your business.  Our consultants work with you to understand your business ethos and the way you want to manage staff alongside providing guidance around legislative compliance and best practice within your business sector.  Following an initial consultation we will provide draft documentation and only once you are happy with the content will they be signed off.  Plus, as Employment law changes we’ll keep them up to date.

Call us today on 03333215005 and we can ensure all your contracts, handbooks and policies are up to date and compliant with our comprehensive suite of personalised HR documents.

Who Are Wirehouse?

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