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Our Employment Tribunal Representation service helps you deal with conflict management whilst minimising the negative impact on your business.

What Is An Employment Tribunal?

An Employment Tribunal is a process whereby a staff member, former employee or someone else such as a job applicant makes a claim against your business or organisation regarding such things as dismissal, discrimination or pay. The process normally starts when the person making the claim informs ACAS who will initially look at Early Conciliation options.

If that is unsuccessful, the individual will then fill out a claim form and as a business you will receive a ‘response pack’ which you need to complete and return within 28 days.

Following that you can either choose to settle or go to the Employment Tribunal to try and win your case. From the issue being raised to the Hearing and judgement being made can take anywhere between a few months and over a year. This process can cause individuals and organisations a lot of stress both mentally and financially.

Our Employment Tribunal Service guides you through the process so that your organisation reaches the best possible solution as well as considering the commercial ramifications.

Why Use an Employment Tribunal Support Service?

If your business or organisation is subject to an Employment Tribunal it can have a significant negative impact. Things to consider are:

  • The time needed to deal with the situation
  • The stress it can cause to staff
  • The negative impact on your team’s morale
  • Costs of paying for a Solicitor/someone to represent you
  • Costs and time attending a hearing
  • Awards and compensation you may incur

Taking all that into account, it is often worth seeking support when dealing with an Employment Tribunal claim. Getting expert advice will help you with understanding your best options such as:

  • Early conciliation
  • Settlement negotiations if needed
  • Preparing your case to give you the best chance to defend the tribunal or helping with settlement negotiation
  • Representing you in an Employment Tribunal effectively

With Wirehouse on your side, our team will be working with you from the outset to ensure you get the right advice and support you need, with the outcome that’s right for your business.