Failing to comply with health and safety could mean your business is at risk of fines, legal action and even closure. Health & Safety Documentation is the first step towards compliance.

To ensure you’re following the law, your business requires a Health & Safety Documentation System. This management system is a collection of health & safety policies and documentation put in place to govern your working practices. Failure to manage health and safety at work could result in a safety breach or worse still an accident involving an employee.

The HSE guidelines for an effective Health & Safety Documentation System includes:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Accident prevention processes
  • Prevention against ill health
  • Practices, procedures and resources for developing and implementing, reviewing and maintaining the occupational safety and health policy.

It’s difficult to know where to start, and to know how to correctly interpret legislation and guidance relevant to your sector or operation.

Environmental Management Systems

Alongside your general Health & Safety Policies, you may also need Environmental Management System or Food Safety Management System. As the name suggests, an Environmental Management System or EMS deals with the situational and environmental aspects of health and safety within an organisation.

EMS are governed and developed in conjunction with the ISO 14001 guidelines. This covers:

  • Reviewing environmental goals
  • Analysing environmental impacts
  • Analysing legal requirements
  • Ensuring employees’ environmental competence
  • Setting objectives and establishing targets to reduce environmental impacts

Running all of the above in an efficient manner can revolutionise the way your business operates, helping to reduce pollution and increase environmental effectiveness. Not only this it can offset the cost of time invested in returned efficiency, resource conservations and improved morale.

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Why Outsource Your H&S Policy and Procedure?

Keeping up with the sheer amount of legislation and best practice can be a struggle. Legislation changes frequently, with new requirements being added by the HSE on a regular basis. The price of ignoring or not following these can be massively impactful.

Don’t get sucked in to thinking Health & Safety templates will serve your businesses, however, putting together a management system bespoke to your business alone can be daunting. You need to factor in important steps like industry standards and compliance, as well as hazards and environmental factors.

By outsourcing this process to a qualified consultancy, you’re ensuring that a trained individual with the right skills and knowledge of legislation will be doing this for you, thereby removing the possibility that your management system will fall short of compliance.

Why Wirehouse?

Our health and safety experts can help your business in complying with all current legislation. We can also ensure all your polices are in-line with legal requirements, and your health and safety documentation and procedures correspond with the latest best practice guidelines.

We’ll start by auditing your current health and safety documentation, which can often identify the need for a new Safety Policy Statement. If you’re just starting up and are unsure how to construct a working document, we’ll show you how. Every employer with five or more employees must have a written H&S Policy Statement, which needs to be regularly updated.

We’ll provide you with a new Management System, which is in-line with HSG65 (the system promoted by the HSE). This will enable you to:

  • Establish and publicise your Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Identify staff who have Health and Safety responsibility
  • Establish Health and Safety rules for employees
  • Identify special arrangements and/or emergency procedures relating to your business or organisation
  • Establish a means for risk assessments to be carried out recorded and reviewed
  • Establish a workplace inspection procedure and monitoring audit trail
  • Your Management System will include; a tailor-made Health and Safety Policy, H&S Action plan, general Risk Assessments, and an Employee Safety Handbook

With our bespoke Health & Safety Management Systems you’ll be able to easily and efficiently stay on top of your health and safety documentation and compliance requirements. To get started, call us today on 033 33 215 005.

Who Are Wirehouse?

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