Clear up disagreements and grievances before they develop with Wirehouse’s trained mediation team.


Mediation in the workplace can be an invaluable tool to enable you to quickly and amicably resolve issues with the best outcome for all parties involved. Mediation is the preferable option for resolving disputes at work, as more often than not it allows resolution without further conflict.

Using traditional HR methods such as disciplinaries can be fine, especially if we have provided guidance to you to ensure they are conducted in the correct, legally compliant way. However, for more complicated or delicate matters it’s often better to take the softer approach of mediation, in which we can arrange and chair meetings between yourself and your staff.

Mediation is important before things escalate to the Tribunal stage, in fact it is part of our Tribunal process of Early Conciliation. It provides a perfectly placed opportunity to settle differences before they progress to a more formal setting.

Why Outsource Recruitment Support?

Save time and effort when you need it most. When you’re eager to get a new member of staff in to fill extra duties it’s important to make sure you’re not rushing the process. As described, a poor recruitment process can go badly wrong.

When you outsource, you remove the possibility that the process will be handled incorrectly, or the approach will be inconsistent. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with multiple interviews monopolising your already important time, when this happens it’s difficult to to view the process as anything other than a bit of a slog.

When you get a consultant involved in the process you’re ensuring your business will get the steady stream of quality candidates it needs, hired correctly. Outsourcing allows you to move your business forward rather than being overwhelmed by continually having to recruit and onboard new staff.

Why Wirehouse?

You’ll get a dedicated Account Manager who will stay in touch throughout our whole relationship. We’re there to proactively assess your current recruitment system to make sure it’s fit for purpose. We’re also there with responsive legal advice including if you need to take action quickly to recruit new employees or help with onboarding and new starter contracts/ handbooks.

Our highly-qualified recruitment team help all kinds of businesses, from SME’s to large organisations, and our extensive network provides coverage across the UK, whether that’s in person, online or over the phone.

Who Are Wirehouse?

Your business should not be held at arms reach by unfeasible costs. We believe that every business should have access to top quality advice, support, and training. That’s why we’ll always offer you a service that won’t be matched, with the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

When you’re with Wirehouse, you can expect to receive prompt, actionable advice, that is in keeping with your business objectives where possible. We won’t tie you up with auto-renewals and unrealistic termination periods – we want you to renew because you thought our service was high quality and excellent value.