1. With the announcement of a general election to take place sooner than we anticipated, on 4th July 2024, the UK prepares for a potential shift in political leadership. This article explores potential changes to employment law depending on which party comes to power, focusing on key areas such as workers’ rights, wages, and employment practices. […]

  2. The shift to remote working since the pandemic has redefined our professional working lives, creating new opportunities and challenges alike. While working from home offers flexibility and can reduce commuting stress, it also introduces challenges that can significantly impact on mental health. It is essential for employers to develop strategies that help support the mental […]

  3. This guidance note sets out the significant changes to the calculation of holiday pay that are expected to come into effect from 2024 and how these changes might affect both employers and employees. It includes information about the concept of ‘rolled-up’ holiday pay as a way of calculating payment of annual leave for employees with […]