Employment Law Support for Employers

  1. Come April 2024, there are a number of changes to employment law we need to consider. Firstly, the additional protection given to a pregnant employee at risk of redundancy and the second the changes to the flexible working procedure. Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act 2023 This legislation introduces significant changes to redundancy protections, as […]

  2. March 2024 Employment Law Updates Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 – Statutory Code of Practice to be published to support with the Act. The Guidance is expected to be a support for new rules on tips, gratuities and service charges, to ensure tips are paid to employees without deductions and in a fair and […]

  3. An alarming report hit the headlines this week in relation to sexual harassment in the workplace. The report revealed that one in three female surgeons working in the NHS who responded to the research said they have been sexually assaulted and two thirds of respondents said they have been sexually harassed by colleagues. The report […]

  4. Reasons for Redundancy Restructure There are multiple reasons why a company may decide to restructure, from advances in technology to changes in markets, however, at present, as the UK economy continues to show little growth and with high costs, companies across most sectors are struggling and therefore a current pressing need for undergoing a restructure, […]

  5. In May the Government announced its intention to amend legislation in the UK now that Brexit has taken place.  They are proposing making changes to employment law in an attempt to drive growth and improve outcomes, as well as to reduce burdens on business.    Some of the headline proposes are as follows: Amending Holiday […]

  6. Treating one individual more favourably than another because they have a protected characteristic is largely prohibited under the Equality Act 2010. However positive action in the workplace can work to promote equity, equality and inclusion for individuals who have historically been discriminated against or faced barriers to work. In this article, we’ll discuss positive discrimination in […]