HR support for large organisations

  1. The recruitment process is usually the first contact someone will have with your company so always treat potential candidates respectfully to ensure their experience of your business is a positive one, even if they are not successful getting a job with you. They may pass on their good experience to someone who may be your […]

  2. For many businesses the end the end of the holiday year falls in line with the end of the financial year and subsequently over the next month or two you may receive increased requests for holidays as staff try to use up any outstanding holiday entitlement. Get free HR advice today about managing holiday pay […]

  3. Taking on volunteers is a great way to give people extra experience, a potential route into the industry or business and a great way of identifying potential candidates for any forthcoming roles. We review the key issues to help employers managing volunteers in their organisation. Managing Volunteers | Top 5 Tips 1. Travel expenses This […]

  4. Here at Wirehouse we receive many queries from businesses about the disciplinary process and how to dismiss employees. Whilst we would always recommend that you speak to us before taking any action, here are some helpful tips for employers wanting to take action against an employee. [su_youtube url=””] 1. Gather the evidence It may sound […]

  5. Following a Preliminary Hearing on January 2nd and 3rd 2020, Norwich Employment Tribunal found that the Claimant’s “Ethical Veganism” is a philosophical belief and therefore it falls within the protected characteristic of Religion or Belief under the Equality Act. Whilst this is not a binding judgment for future Tribunals, it means that it is potentially […]

  6. Here at Wirehouse we get many questions regarding restrictive covenants and the desire for employers to restrict what an employee can do once their employment has been terminated. The starting point for employers is to understand that any contractual term which restricts a former employees activities would be unlawful as a restraint of trade and […]

  7. If your business has recently employed an individual who is performing below expectations, what are your options? Can you dismiss them without following the typical disciplinary process? Are there risks associated with doing so? Here, we examine the legal implications of dismissing an employee within 24 months of joining the business. Dismissing an Employee | […]

  8. The New Year always brings a sense of excitement and time to plan for the coming months ahead, is your business HR ready? We look into 2020 and review some of the hot topics and key HR trends for the coming year. [su_youtube url=”″] HR Appraisals, Performance Reviews and Continuous Feedback With many employees planning […]