HR support for SMEs

  1. We are now six months on from when the Good Work Plan came into force. Amongst other legislative changes was the right for employees and workers to be provided with a Written Statement of Particulars on day one of employment or engagement at the latest. For employees, a window of eight weeks was previously allowed. […]

  2. It has been a busy year from an Employment Law perspective. Not only were there a raft of HR legislation changes in April, but there have been numerous new pieces of legislation and Government guidelines introduced to try to deal with issues arising from the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst October 2020 doesn’t bring specific Employment Law […]

  3. For a while now we have been caught up in what is a crisis of real magnitude, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic having catastrophic consequences across all aspects of our lives. For businesses this has inevitably led to uncertainty and for many, loss. However, it is not all doom and gloom for some […]

  4. The importance of advising an employee of grounds for their dismissal cannot be overlooked when dealing with an employee disciplinary. In a recent case, Employment Appeal Tribunal held that an employee was unfairly dismissed because his employer has failed to advise him of the grounds on which he was subsequently dismissed. Employee Disciplinary | Background […]

  5. With the Government Job Retention Scheme (furlough) coming to an end in just over a month, we are facing very uncertain times. Employers across multiple sectors are having to make some extremely tough decisions in the hope to survive the coming months and face and any kind of viable future. In an attempt to reduce […]

  6. With current Government advice to “work from home if you can”, now more than ever it’s essential that employers consider the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on their workers. Businesses should consider how to support homeworking staff and implement plans to promote employee wellbeing for those continuing to working from home. Employee Wellbeing & […]

  7. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced new plans to support businesses after the Furlough Scheme ends as part of a ‘winter economy plan’. The information we know so far is that on 1st November 2020 a new Job Support Scheme will be available to assist businesses who are facing lower demand as a result of the […]

  8. With the end of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Furlough Scheme) on the horizon, companies should consider what they will need to do post furlough. Furlough and Flexible Furlough are due to end 31st October 2020 and many predict large scale redundancies across the board, but in the short term there could be alternatives for […]