Health & Safety at work

  1. Providing a safe place work by way of risk control measures to prevent accidents is the utmost priority for all employers, however accidents and incidents still do occur, which is generally due to the risk control measures being inadequate. In this short article, we will explain why investigating accidents that occur in the workplace is […]

  2. An alarming report hit the headlines this week in relation to sexual harassment in the workplace. The report revealed that one in three female surgeons working in the NHS who responded to the research said they have been sexually assaulted and two thirds of respondents said they have been sexually harassed by colleagues. The report […]

  3. Know Your Stores of Gas Gas cylinders are integral to many industries, from manufacturing and construction to healthcare and research. The cylinders are constructed to store and transport a range of compressed gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene. While these cylinders are essential for many operations, they can pose a significant health and safety […]

  4. As H&S Consultants, we often visit Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR) premises which have particular dangers that require employers to minimise the risks to health and safety. MVR premises use a wide range of work equipment that is invaluable to the business. In this article we will try and highlight effective guidance on how you can […]

  5. Health and Safety is important in any workplace irrespective of industry type or sector, this of course includes keeping the workplace clean and as dust free as possible. Dust can be harmful to health mainly through inhalation but can also be dangerous in terms of fire and explosion risk. The risk normally occurs when a […]

  6. According to data from the Labour Force and Annual Population surveys produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 4.9m disabled people in employment in the UK from July to September 2022, accounting for roughly 15% of the UK workforce during the period. With such a significant portion of the UK workforce comprised […]