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  1. Employers often issue a ‘standard’ contract of employment to an apprentice and simply renamed it, calling it an apprentice contract or agreement rather than issuing a formal legally compliant apprentice agreement, and by doing so will unwittingly enter into an apprentice contract instead. Please note it can be difficult to get out of or take […]

  2. What is Unauthorised Absence? Put simply, unauthorised absence is classified as when an employee fails to come to work without notifying the employer. Approach to Unauthorised Absence? There can be many different reasons for the unauthorised absence of an employee (otherwise known as being absent without leave – AWOL). Some may be deliberate; others may […]

  3. Are you holding appraisals for your employees and if not, should you be? This article will explore the benefits of carrying out appraisals for all staff and how to get the most out of them. What is an Appraisal? An appraisal is a process that should ideally be offered to all staff; a regular unbiased […]