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  1. In the Spring Budget 2021, Rishi Sunak set out several new measures intended to restart the UK’s economic recovery. Our Employment Law team have reviewed the key points affecting UK businesses and provide advice for employers. Rishi’s Budget 2021 | 3 Key Points 1. The Chancellor has promised an addition £44.3 billion in support measures […]

  2. The Supreme Court has handed down its long-awaited judgment in the case of Uber v Aslam & others. The decision means that these drivers are entitled to worker status rights including paid annual leave and the UK minimum wage. We review the long-running case and what this means for employers putting contracts in place. Background […]

  3. Generally, an employer shouldn’t be concerned too much with an employees outside of work conduct as everyone is entitled to a private life. But if an employee is charged with or convicted of a criminal offence, is it then a matter for the employer to get involved in? Can the employer discipline or take action […]

  4. With current Government advice to “work from home if you can”, now more than ever it’s essential that employers consider the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on their workers. Businesses should consider how to support homeworking staff and implement plans to promote employee wellbeing for those continuing to working from home. Employee Wellbeing & […]

  5. If you are an employer facing the need to reduce staff for reason of redundancy, then depending on the numbers involved you need to comply with a defined statutory redundancy procedure covering consultation and timescales or you could face a heavy tribunal award against you. This applies no matter how genuine and inevitable the redundancy […]

  6. In everyday life people fall out, clash from time to time or just simply don’t get along so it’s no wonder that employers often experience this with their employees. Sometimes there doesn’t seem like a solution to the problem; if neither party is to blame as such, there’s no element of bullying etc. then what […]

  7. Following the announcements of the UK and devolved Governments of another period of lockdown, employers continue to face very uncertain times. Employers across multiple sectors are having to make some extremely tough decisions in the hope of surviving the coming months and ensuring any kind of viable future. In an attempt to reduce or mitigate […]

  8. Read our round-up of the key HR myths at Christmas and the truths all employers and business owners need to know to manage their team effectively over the Christmas period. 1. HR Myths: Temporary Christmas-cover workers do not get holidays. Truth: All workers and employees get annual leave, including temporary, fixed term, zero hour or […]