Health and Safety support

  1. As an employer, you must protect your employees and customers from harm. This includes taking reasonable workplace hygiene steps to protect your workers and others from the risk of catching and spreading Coronavirus. The virus can transfer from people to surfaces and can be spread on to others who touch the same surfaces. Keeping your […]

  2. With temperatures hitting above 30°C in many parts of the UK, what does this mean for your business and employees? We are frequently asked questions on the subject of employees working in high temperatures, this guide aims to provide advice to employers on managing employee’s health, safety and welfare. Working in High Temperatures – What […]

  3. On the 15th April 2020, the Government published a new ‘action plan’ for the Adult Social Care Sector. The new plan also includes expansion of the care workforce through a recruitment campaign that will be backed by a new online learning platform to up-skill new care workers. Main Aims of the Adult Social Care Action […]

  4. Following the Prime Ministers announcement on the 23rd March 2020, veterinary care and services have been confirmed as one of the sectors classed as an essential service. Our safety team have reviewed the key current guidance and put together a round-up of essential advice for the veterinary care sector. Veterinary Care Sector | Key Safety […]

  5. Due to the recent ‘Lockdown’ that has been imposed by the Government, people must only leave home for travelling to and from work and only if work absolutely cannot be done from home. As such ‘Key Workers’ have been deemed to be the only workers to leave their homes for work related activities. Who are […]

  6. Leptospirosis is a disease that affects millions of people every year worldwide and is potentially fatal. Around 60-70 people are thought to contract the disease in the UK each year resulting in 2-3 deaths annually. Weil’s Disease The infection – more commonly called Weil’s disease is caught through contact with infected animal urine, mainly from […]

  7. Coronavirus (CoV) refers to a family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). SARS-CoV-2, also known as the Coronavirus. While not common, Coronaviruses can be zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted between animals and people. […]

  8. Hot water can pose a significant risk of serious injury or even lead to death if the temperature is above 44°C. Certain sectors including the Health and Social Care Industry and the Hospitality Industry must ensure that they have measures in place to protect those using hot water and when managing scalding risk. Scalding is […]