HR Advice

  1. It is a common misconception that when an employee goes off sick during their notice period they will only receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for the entire duration of the notice period. Here we will look at different staff absence scenarios where this is not the case. Statutory Minimum Notice Periods Before we discuss the […]

  2. Frequently employers considering allegations of gross misconduct against an employee will legitimately suspend the employee pending the completion of the investigation and, where applicable, disciplinary process. However, employers should be aware that suspending an employee in itself may amount to a breach in the implied terms of trust and confidence; giving rise to claims of […]

  3. A common question that we find when providing advice on disciplinary procedures, is why organisations have to undertake so many processes to achieve the end result? The simple answer is that there is a legal obligation and expectation on businesses to ensure that they are following a fair procedure, and for the most part that […]

  4. In the recent case of Lancaster & Duke Ltd v Wileman, the Employment Appeal Tribunal considered the interaction of statutory minimum notice periods and the extension of the effective date of termination. More specifically, the case considered whether an employee, who was dismissed for gross misconduct, could extend her length of service by the statutory […]

  5. When an ‘economic entity’ is sold on, it is probable that the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employees) Regulations (TUPE) 2006 will apply. When TUPE applies the duty to inform and consult will be triggered, ignore this TUPE consultation process at your peril. In a recent case, an employer through no fault of its own, […]

  6. Pregnancy can be a great time for a family preparing for the arrival of the new born, however in the cases of miscarriages or still births emotions can run high and ensuring that you as an employer deal with the situation clearly and properly will ensure that you are not only in line with maternity […]

  7. With the current law on pay statements set to change from April this year, we take a look at what employers need to be aware of and the key steps every business needs to put in place to get ahead of the April legislation changes. The present law on pay statements from section 8 of […]

  8. Keeping up with changes in HR legislation can be a minefield, its worth double checking that you have the right employee policies and procedures in place. Wirehouse HR and Employment Law Consultant Jenefer Livings reviews the 5 key April Employment Law changes all businesses should be aware of. 1. Increases in Wage Rates The rates […]