Unfair Dismissal

  1. Frequently employers find themselves in a position where an employee is suffering due to mental health issues at work. For some employees, their mental health may impact performance at work, it could lead to short term absences, while for others their mental health may cause them to be unfit for work on a long-term basis. […]

  2. In 2020, the Government consulted on the introduction of new Carer’s Leave into workplaces to support employees with caring responsibilities. It seems likely that this will be passed into law but the timeframes are not yet clear. The current Government stance is that it will be implemented when ‘parliamentary time allows’ however it is useful […]

  3. Fire and rehire has been a hot topic this year and the latest instalment was the publication on November 11th of ACAS guidance on achieving contractual changes without employees being dismissed and rehired. What is Fire and Rehire? Fire and rehire is the term used to describe the practice where businesses dismiss their employees and […]

  4. A question that frequently arises when a person can no longer do their job for health reasons and moves to a “lesser” role, is whether their pay should continue as it was or drop to the rate for the new job. When there is disability in the picture, which is usually the case, the question […]

  5. A recent case sheds some light on actions an employer could take, where an employee claims health and safety risks and is refusing to work. The first important point to mention is that the employee could only claim automatic unfair dismissal if he did not have the required length of service to bring an ordinary […]

  6. The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up many workplace conflict scenarios where the parameters of what it is permissible for an employer to do are blurred, due in no small part to there being no relevant case law providing guidance. However, Employment Tribunal cases arising from Covid-19 related dismissals last year are now coming through to […]

  7. Public Health England and the Chief Medical Officer for Wales have issued shielding guidance that extremely clinically vulnerable employees will no longer be advised to shield from 1st April. It states that from this time, if an employee is unable to work from home, they should go to work. For those in Scotland, the advice […]

  8. We know that due to the complex nature of TUPE regulations it can be a challenge for employers to understand their legal obligations. Wirehouse advise our clients when TUPE is applicable and provide legal advice and support to ensure peace of mind that any agreements put in place protect their business interests. The Transfer of […]